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Why AcroYoga

Move • Connect • Play

Playfulness & Fun

AcroYoga is one of the most fun things you can possibly find to do with a partner. Once the ice has been broken it is easy to just find a lot of humor and laughing in the situation. AcroYoga sessions frequently end up in hilarious laughter and all of a sudden your mind becomes free. It feels amazing, just like coming alive.

Movement & Fitness

Remind yourself that human beings are monkeys essentially and they should be playing. The goal is fun, the byproduct is that both, the base and the flyer, will get stronger and more flexible and have better coordination.

Expression & Progression

AcroYoga is a way to express yourself in a vital way. You never run out of things to do, things to learn and things to grow in. You will notice improvements in your abilities and soon you will watch yourself doing some pretty amazing and incredible things you never dared to even think about being capable of doing.

Trust & Overcoming

AcroYoga is about trust. Trust is the relationship to the unknown, that we can't control. It is a slow and steady practice of cultivating trust in yourself, your own body and in your partner. When you surrender your body's wellness to another person, it leads to a surprising amount of intimacy and closeness.

Mind & Meditation

On a mental level AcroYoga helps to refine self-awareness. Being upside down means not just changing your perspective physically, but also mentally. It is about letting go, it allows us to stop thinking, it allows us to relax a part of our minds. You will experience a release of fears and an increase of self-confidence.

Community & Connection

AcroYoga connects humans all over the world, no matter of nationality, religion, language or whatever separates people. Open your mind, go out into the world, make new friends, bring joy wherever you go.

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